January 30 - February 1, 2019

Kish Expo | Kish, Iran


Terms and conditions

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Article 1 - Contact numbers and addresses of the ORGANIZER.

Article 2 - Submission of Application Forms  

Article 3 - Terms of Payment

Article 4 - Exhibiting Items, Promotional Activities

Article 5 - Construction of Pavilions and Stands

Article 6 - Electricity

Article 7 – Entry Visas

Article 8 - Transportation, Parking Lots and Entrance Passes

Article 9 - Advertisement, Photography & Workshops

Article 10 - Special Services

Article 11 - Insurance, Safety & Fire Fighting Services

Article 12 - Complaints and Infringement of Rules & Regulations

Article 13 - Vacating Exhibition Space

Article 14 - Customs Control - Important Exhibition Items

Article 15 - Table of Penalties





ARTICLE 1 - Contact numbers and addresses of the ORGANIZER.

The fair is organized by Aland Co. ,  the Public Relations dept. of the API and Pharmaceutical packaging syndicate here in after referred to as the ORGANIZER.

ORGANIZER: Telephones: +98-21-88897130, Fax:+98-21-43850150,

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Website:www.pharmapack.me

ARTICLE 2 - Submission of Application Forms and number of Participating Companies in Individual Stands

1. Application forms should be submitted to ORGANIZER.

2. The ORGANIZER reserves the right for acceptance or rejection of applications.

3. Space allocation and positioning of EXHIBITORs are solely the responsibility of the ORGANIZER.

4. EXHIBITORs are not allowed to sublet or share with others the space allocated to them.

5. Minimum individual stand areas for each stand are set at 12m2 for indoor and 30 m2 for outdoor stands. Only one participant (plus his agent if any) is allowed to exhibit in a 12 m2 indoor and a 30 m2 out door stand, but the EXHIBITOR's name to be displayed on the stand fascia is limited to one company.

6. EXHIBITORs exceeding their allocated space (their originally requested space in the application form) are subject to settle their accounts based on completion of a new application form indicating the revised space.

7. EXHIBITORs shall submit the ORGANIZER a separate listing of its exhibiting items along with the Registration form. This listing will be used as a PERMIT for the items to leave the FAIRGROUND when countersigned by the ORGANIZER’s representative. The raw from will be submitted to the EXHIBITOR by ORGANIZER.

8. The ORGANIZER has the right to relocate the area or the site allocated to any EXHIBITOR with prior notice.

ARTICLE 3 - Terms of Payment

9. EXHIBITORs are subject to payment of 100% of fees upon submission of their application forms and in accordance with respective deadlines.

10. Participants exhibiting or advertising outside their allocated space must have prior approval of the ORGANIZER. Repackaging and removing of the goods of the EXHIBITORs will begin the day following closing date of the exhibition and in case of Exhibitor’s delay in stand removal, the Exhibitor commits to pay an amount of 1000 Euro per day to Organizer as delay penalty. (refer to 3.13)

11. All fees are payable in Euro. Displaying foreign products, Posters etc… in Iranian stands paid in IRRs is prohibited. The EXHIBITORs in such cases are obligated to pay the International fees. In case of such penalties, the Exhibitor shall pay the fine of 1000 Euro for the first trespassing; and in case of repetition, for the second time, the Organizer reserves the right to prevent any Exhibitor to continue its activities in the stand.

12. EXHIBITORs are requested to inform the ORGANIZER of the exact amount and the date of their payments and the bank name through which the payment is made by transmitting the payment receipt.

13. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to hold the exhibited goods of those participants whose accounts are not completely settled.

14. Payments shall be deposited in the ORGANIZER's bank account which will be announced to the exhibitor upon pre-registration and booth type and area confirmation to Exhibitor in written through e-mail and the payment receipt shall be promptly faxed or sent via e-mail to the ORGANIZER.        

15. The original bank payment transfer receipts shall accompany the Registration Application. Participants from outside Iran registering directly with the ORGANIZER in Tehran shall fax in their payment receipt followed by forwarding the original document via DHL or other express mail services. Our Financial Affairs Dept. is only authorized to accept the original receipts.    

ARTICLE 4 - Exhibiting Items, Promotional Activities, Security

16. In addition to prohibited goods specified in the latest import/export regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, exhibiting of articles such as: ammunition, explosives, narcotics and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

17. Protection and safeguarding of exhibited goods are the responsibility of the EXHIBITORs during visiting hours. The ORGANIZER will accept the responsibility after the working hours for the duration of the exhibition. EXHIBITORs may carry out demonstration on exhibited tools or machineries they have displayed after obtaining the approval of the ORGANIZER. Necessary precautions should be considered when such demonstrations are conducted. In case of any damages, EXHIBITORs are held fully responsible for the repair or replacement costs. Exhibited items at the expo on noncommercial basis may be sold (2 or 3 samples) with prior consultation with Custom's officer.

ARTICLE 5 - Construction of Pavilions and Stands

18. Minimum pre-constructed and furnished stands are 12 m2 and the minimum indoor not constructed stand is set at 18 m2 and the minimum outdoor stands are set at 30 m2.

19. Pre-constructed stands made available to EXHIBITORs will be equipped with necessary wooden panels, floor coverage, front stand name, and electricity switch, light bulbs, one table and two chairs per 12 m2.

20. Not pre-constructed stands (to be constructed by the EXHIBITOR) will only be allocated the stand ground and providing all construction equipment, decoration and other necessary parts including electrical connections for inside the stands is the responsibility of the EXHIBITORs.

21. EXHIBITORs who chose to erect their stands at their expense shall submit to the Technical Department of the ORGANIZER 3 sets of stand designs and technical drawings in A-3 size sheets in color indicating horizontal and vertical projections and showing required utility points such as telephone, electricity and water at least 20 days before the opening of the expo for approval.

22. Maximum height of stands is 3 meters. Stands constructed by the exhibitors should be equipped with fire extinguishers. (since the beginning of the stand construction to the end of the exhibition)

23. In case the exhibitor wanted to construct a second floor for its stand, the plans and designs of the second floor, including the height and materials of construction must be submitted to the organizer at least 20 days before the expo, and the construction can only commence upon obtaining the organizer’s confirmation. Otherwise, if problem arise during the construction, the organizer will not be responsible. Please note that the second story stand must be without ceiling. The fee for the second story stand will be based on 50% of fee per m2 of the main stand area.

24. The ORGANIZER approves the technical drawings within 2 weeks from the date of submission.

25. EXHIBITORs will commence stand construction only after the approval of the ORGANIZER. The ORGANIZER has the right to revise the submitted technical drawings in conformity with technical and public safety codes.

26. The EXHIBITORs are bound to execute the approved drawings. In case of any inconsistency with the stated design and plan during construction, the stand construction will be corrected at the EXHIBITORs’ expense and the EXHIBITOR will have no right for any compensations; otherwise, the Organizer reserves the right to prevent any activities of the Exhibitor in the stand.

27. For EXHIBITORs who chose to construct their own stands, the ORGANIZER’S approval for entering all relative equipment and material into the halls is required.

28. The EXHIBITORs are obliged to remove all their extra materials and empty cases from the expo venue, as otherwise, the ORGANIZER will remove the above mentioned materials at the EXHIBITORs' expense and they will have no right to any compensation.

29. EXHIBITORs are forbidden to inflect any changes or alterations to the building of the fairground without prior approval of the ORGANIZER.

30. EXHIBITORs who chose to construct their own stands can choose one of the preferred suppliers of the ORGANIZER to construct their stands. The duties of approved stand builders are:

  • Construction of stands as per the design approved by the ORGANIZER.
  • Rent out requested items and additional electrical units.
  • To guard against interferences by non-authorized stand builders.
  • To ensure the stand construction is confined to the allocated area.


ARTICLE 6 - Electricity

31. ORGANIZER provides the general lighting of the fairground and its surrounding buildings. EXHIBITORs wishing to erect their own stands are responsible for all electrical supplies, switchboards and connections within their own stand and ORGANIZER” has no responsibility in this respect.

32. EXHIBITORs should submit an electrical drawing with other technical drawings at least 45 days before opening of the fair. Commencement of any electrical work should be followed after final approval of electrical drawings.

33. EXHIBITORs must inform the ORGANIZER of any machinery consuming more than 5kw/h at least 45 days before the opening of the expo. Electric power will be supplied according to standards of the expo.

34. Only the official electricians of the Expo Venue are authorized to install the approved electrical connections.

Note: In case of any damage due to malfunction of electrical devices and connections installed by Exhibitor, the Exhibitor shall be responsible for compensation of the damage to Organizer and the third parties according to the decision made by Organizer’s Technical Expert.

ARTICLE 7 - Entry  Visas

35. The ORGANIZER will obtain Iranian entry visas for EXHIBITOR’s personnel on request for a fee.

36. The EXHIBITORs should submit the appropriate visa application forms together with applicable fees payment receipts. Photo copy of the applicant's personal data pages of passport should accompany the application form. Any erroneous entry will result in delay.

37. The Entry Visa Form and the Bank Account to receive deposits in this respect will be announced on the website.

ARTICLE 8 - Transportation, Parking Lots and Entrance Passes

38. No vehicle will be allowed to enter the fairground during the opening hours of the fair (Ministers’ and Ambassadors’ vehicles are exceptions).

39. No goods and catering material should be delivered to stands after visiting hours. Parking will not be permitted in the fairground or on the adjacent roads to the expo venue.

40. EXHIBITORs and visitors are requested to use the parking lots provided by the expo venue authorities for a regular fee. EXHIBITORs will receive Identification Cards for their stand personnel and parking lots

41. The EXHIBITORs shall state to the ORGANIZER their full name, position and a passport photo size of their appointed personnel assigned to their stands who will be authorized to contact the ORGNIZER team members on exhibition matters.

42. The ORGNIZER shall issue each of these representatives with an I.D. card with his/her photograph affixed to it. The number of ID cards issued to EXHIBITORs will be according to the table below:

ID cards

Area (m2)

No of ID Cards















Parking Cards


Area (m2)

No of

ID Cards









43. Personnel assigned to stands shall display their ID cards during the exhibition working hours.

ARTICLE 9 - Advertisement, Photography & workshops

44. Each EXHIBITOR will be entitled to a free entry in Exhibition Directory which will include the company name, address, telephone, fax number, email and website including a brief description of its main products and services not exceeding 60 words.

45. The EXHIBITORs who wish to distribute printed material, films, etc… in their pavilions during the expo should obtain prior approval of the ORGANIZER.

46. EXHIBITORs are not authorized to advertise their goods on competitive basis with other similar exhibited goods. EXHIBITORs’ banners or signs must be confined within the area of their stands and must not extend into aisles and other common areas.

47. It is prohibited to use loudspeakers before obtaining the written consent of the ORGANIZER provided that their use is confined to the visitors inside the pavilion. These loudspeakers should not produce disturbing sounds to neighboring EXHIBITORs.

48. EXHIBITORs have no right to place mottos, signs or writings inside the expo venue. EXHIBITORs who intend to celebrate their National Days should inform the ORGANIZER.

49. Those wishing to hold workshops in locations specified as workshops (inside the expo venue) should pay the amount shown on relevant invoices to be issued beforehand. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to take photographs or films of any part of the fair for its publication purposes. Photography inside the expo venue is not permitted unless with prior permission of the ORGANIZER.  The time schedule of the workshops shall be confirmed by ORGANIZER to be effective.


ARTICLE 10 - Special Services

50. EXHIBITORs will have access to following services and facilities by paying related charges: three-phased power supply, insurance, customs, taxi, post, telegraph, conference halls, duplicating machines, printing, handling facilities (forklifts), internet and international telephones, flowers and plants, restaurants and snack bars.

ARTICLE 11 - Insurance, Security & Fire Fighting Services

51. Insurance services will be available at the expo venue with cooperation of an insurance company. Insuring exhibiting goods against fire, explosions and thunderbolts is mandatory. EXHIBITORs are however encouraged to insure their personnel against any risks for the period from the beginning of the stand construction work until the last day of dismantling and leaving the expo venue (approximately 15 days).

EXHIBITORs are responsible for damages resulting from fire, theft, water, etc. to their exhibits, equipment and decoration materials in their pavilion or stand. EXHIBITORs are also responsible for incidents or any injury which might happen to and by their on-duty employees.

52. The ORGANIZER provides guards for patrolling of halls and pavilions during the whole period of the expo. EXHIBITORs will leave the exhibition halls at closing time of the exhibition. However, EXHIBITORs are advised to protect their displays during the visiting hours. The halls will be locked and sealed off after the closing hours.

53. EXHIBITORs are advised to take small exhibiting items including expensive items such as cameras, laptops etc…….with them during closing hours of the exhibition.

54. ORGANIZER will provide a fire fighting station inside the expo venue during the period of the expo. The EXHIBITORs are required to remove all the inflammable materials such as empty cases, packing materials, etc… from their pavilions and stands.


ARTICLE 12 - Complaints and Infringement of Rules & Regulations

55. Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be subject to the city of Tehran and its suburb’s jurisdiction and will be settled according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Should an EXHIBITOR not observe the Rules and Regulations, the ORGANIZER has the right to stop his/her activity at any time, with no right on the part of the EXHIBITOR to claim for compensation.


ARTICLE 13 - Vacating Exhibition Space

56. EXHIBITORs are requested to vacate allocated pavilions and stands, remove exhibits, decoration material and other installations and return the stands to the ORGANIZER in its original form within 24 hours after the closing of the expo; upon reaching the deadline and in case the exhibitor didn’t abide by this article, the ORGANIZER will remove any remaining stand items, at the expense of the EXHIBITORs.

57. EXHIBITORs failing to do so are responsible in case of any damages to their exhibited goods. Imported goods should be transferred to the Customs Warehouse immediately following the closing of the expo, where they will be subject to Customs regulations.

58. EXHIBITORs failing to remove their exhibited goods, decoration materials and etc. out of the expo venue will be subject to related storage and compensation charges in accordance with the tariffs of the ORGANIZER.

59. The ORGANIZER takes no responsibility for the exhibited goods or other items that are left behind.


ARTICLE 14 - Customs Control - Important Exhibition Items

(Import / Export of Exhibiting Items)

60. Importing items for exhibition shall be marked as NON-COMMERCIAL

61. Full personal particular(s) of person(s) who will take delivery of the goods from the inside of the FAIRGROUND's Customs Office on the date of handing over the stand by the ORGANIZER shall be legibly written on the parcel as well as on importing documents.

62. EXHIBITORs are urged to ensure that a complete list of their affiliated companies and branches their countries of origin from which they will import exhibiting items is submitted to the ORGANIZER at the time of registration.

63. The ORGANIZER will submit a listing of registered EXHIBITORs to the CUSTOMS section of Permanent International Fair for coordination with the FAIR'S CUSTOMS OFFICER. A well-recognized FORWARDER will be announced through website: www.pharmapack.me  , to assist EXHIBITORs who plan to import exhibiting items. There are numerous others who are equally qualified forwarders for such services who can be selected by EXHIBITORs through their representatives in Iran or abroad.


ARTICLE 15 -Table of Penalties

Table of penalties and fine for damages incurred to the halls and surrounding areas:



Amount of Fines in Euros


Fine rate for drilling holes in floors, walls, asphalts and other areas outside the halls



Individual fine for each advertising screens or other promotional items in exhibiting areas without obtaining prior approval from the organizers



Fine for painting of walls, columns, doors, windows, floors, etc… per m2



Fine for any kind of access to the rooftops of the halls for placing advertising balloons, antennas, etc….



Fine for breaking glasses



Fine for sticking any kind of papers, cloths, etc…..



Fine for each unauthorized electrical connection


NOTICE: Exhibiting companies, with prior approval of the officials of Construction, Electricity and other organizations may personally pay for the related damages (maximum 48 hours after the closing date of the exhibition) but the applicable penalty rates (40% of the above amounts) will be payable. Penalty for damages not covered here above will be decided upon individually.


Participants are urged to observe the Islamic Rules, Dignity and Iranian Official Dress Code.